IT Staff Augmentation

The right job at the right place with the right fit is humanly possible.

What is Staff Augmentation?
Staff Augmentation, or better known as subcontracting, is primarily outsourcing of manpower on a skill requirement basis or project completion basis for a limited period of time. Staffing may be desired when there is a dynamic requirement of people, or there is a requirement of skilled staff, or the requirement is for a limited period.

Why Cloud Info GLobal?
Cloud Info Global today is a well established and is amongst the prominent players in the staffing business in US. Cloud Info Global software development and IT Consulting practice complements its staffing business through cross-skilling and technology enablement for employees across business divisions. With various growth options, Cloud Info Global aims to attract best of talent and boasts of lower than industry attrition standards.

Our Commitment
Cloud Info Global matches the right resources with the right job at the right time. We adopt multi-channel strategy in achieving its objective by researching on market trends and available candidates, designing carefully targeted advertising campaign, maintaining an extensive database of diversely skilled candidates and doing a holistic candidate assessment.